A7- ESL 4-Day Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Intensive Grammar & Conversation 9am-12pm

Dates: June 28 - August 16, 2021

Meets: 9:00 AM to 12 N

Early Bird Fee: $500.00

Please call 770-995-9697 for more information.


Lawrenceville Campus Only

No requirements needed for ESL Continuing Education classes.

No Registration Fee; Free Placement Test for class level after registration.

Prices are for 7 week session.

Register early to get a seat in class.

You will be put on a waitlist and we will call for your level after you register.

Questions: Please email sgarcia@gwinnetttech.edu or call 678-226-6740 or 678-226-6743.

ESL class levels: Foundations, Low Beginning, Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Low Advanced, Advanced, High Advanced

Intensive English Language Program: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

These classes are designed for students who want to learn English quickly. These classes are four days a week for intensive English learning. Students will have lessons in Vocabulary, Social Language & Conversation, Listening, Grammar, Reading and Writing and Pronunciation. We teach Conversation and grammar with an integrated approach that blends grammar, content, reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a complete program.

5150 SUGARLOAF PARKWAY LAWRENCEVILLE GA 30043 The Busbee center-Bldg 700 Rm 1.108

Fee: $500.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Early Bird Fee$ 500.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Regular Price$ 530.00
Date Day Time Location
06/28/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
06/29/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
06/30/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/01/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/06/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/07/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/08/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/12/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/13/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/14/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/15/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/19/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/20/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/21/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/22/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/26/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/27/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/28/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
07/29/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/02/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/03/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/04/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/05/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/09/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/10/2021Tuesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/11/2021Wednesday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/12/2021Thursday9 AM to 12 N TBD
08/16/2021Monday9 AM to 12 N TBD


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